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Minutes of the Meeting
Of the Alpha Delta Phi Association
Bowdoin Chapter of the Alpha Delta Phi Society

Saturday, June 3, 2000
Chapter House
228 Maine Street
Brunswick, ME 04011

Nessa Burns Reifsnyder called the meeting to order at 9:11 a.m. She offered some welcoming remarks.


President Burns Reifsnyder then made a president's report. She referred to her letter to the membership sent in May outlining the status of our negotiations with Bowdoin, commended the undergraduates on remaining cohesive under the difficult circumstances they faced this past year. She also reported that the kitchen had a good financial year.

She observed that in a time when other fraternity houses have windows broken or were shut down prematurely because of negative incidents, we were able not only to survive-but to thrive until the end of the academic year.

President Burns Reifsnyder announced that Thomas Clark received the first Society Sword and Spear award, the highest honor the Society awards to an undergraduate member, during the Society's Convention held at the Columbia Chapter in October 1999.


The treasurer's report was made by Treasurer Paul Faulstich. He opened by saying, "Hey, we made it!" He thanked strong alumni support and the efforts of the undergraduates to find non-members to live in the house for our ability to reach this point successfully.

Mr. Faulstich also thanked Steve Cadette for his incredible efforts as the house's chef over the past year, including popular and innovative food nights that drew people from across the campus.

There are a few final expenses, and said that we are providing the banquet on a subsidized basis, so he asked the membership for donations.

Mr. Faulstich also reported that he has made projections about our 2001 budget, and explained some of the decisions that the Board will need to make in preparations for reunion next year.


Patti Lu, the undergraduate president, recapped the year. The special dinner nights included over 50 people, there were dinner readings, professor nights, and hosted rehearsals for a play organized by Patricia Triplett. There were over 80 entries to the Alpha Delta Phi literary competition, and the house invited potential members of next year's Howell House (the social house to be housed in our chapter house after the sale). This meeting went well, and there may be additional communications about trying to continue our most strong traditions.

President Burns Reifsnyder described the situation that appears to be developing, in which the "wellness house" will likely reside in our chapter house (which will be renamed Howell House, in memory of Roger Howell).


Craig Cheslog made a report about the status of the Alpha Delta Phi Society's national organization. He is a member of the Society's Board of Governors and serves as it's national Treasurer. He emphasized that our graduate organization will continue to be recognized by the Society (including representation at future Conventions), and he expressed the hope of the Society's Board of Governors that the members of the Bowdoin Chapter will continue to remain active Alpha Delts in the future.

The undergraduates rose at this point to give their thanks to Steve Frost for his support and assistance during the difficult times faced during the previous few years.


President Burns Reifsnyder reported on the major stipulations of the sale agreement:

The College will pay the full appraised price. After our mortgage is paid, half of the money will be used to establish the Alpha Delta Phi Society Literary Fund (which will fund the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Cup, the Geoffrey Stanwood Literary Competition, and other potential activities). The approximate value of this fund will be $150,000. The committee will include four members and two alternates from our organization and three Bowdoin representatives, including a faculty member, a student, and an administrator.

The other half of the proceeds will be transmitted to our Association. The details of this process will be discussed in a later agenda item, but the board's plans for this money are consistent with the previous votes by annual meetings.

In addition to the mortgage, there is a dining service debt that must be paid. We agreed with Bowdoin to cap the debt at $25,000 (Bowdoin thought our exposure was more).

Bowdoin has agreed to allow our Association to use the Chapter House on four dates each year if we so desire its use: New Years holiday, weekend during spring break, reunion weekend, and a weekend at the end of July. For the next five years, we will have exclusive use of the social areas of the chapter house during Reunion weekends. After five years, this arrangement will be reexamined, so President Burns Reifsnyder charged the group with using the house in large numbers during the next five years so we can continue to have the house exclusively after this five-year period.

Merton Henry read the text of the plaque that will be affixed to the House after the sale.

A motion was offered:

VOTED: That the Association's real estate at 228 Maine Street, Brunswick, Maine, which constitutes substantially all of the Association's assets, be sold to Bowdoin College for the sum of $400,000 pursuant to the terms and conditions of the Purchase Agreement between Bowdoin College and The Alpha Delta Phi Association dated February 16, 2000, which was previously approved and recommended by the Board of Directors, be and hereby is approved, and that the President and/or Treasurer of the Association are hereby authorized to execute the deed and other documents to complete the sale.

Moved by Steve Frost and seconded by Pam Smith Lenox. Resolution was approved unanimously.

Several members rose at this point to express their appreciation to President Burns Reifsnyder and Mr. Faulstich for their diligent efforts to make this agreement possible.

A motion was offered:

VOTED: To establish the Bowdoin Chapter Fund with The Alpha Delta Phi Foundation, Inc. with the remaining proceeds, after the payment of all bills and the establishment of a social fund, from the sale of the real estate in accordance with the the terms and conditions of the Purchase Agreement between Bowdoin College and The Alpha Delta Phi Association dated February 16, 2000.

Moved by David Works, seconded by Jeff Zeman.

Resolution was approved unanimously.

A motion was offered:

VOTED: To establish a social fund to be administered by the Association's Board of Directors with $55,000 of the monies to be received from the sale of the real estate in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Purchase Agreement between Bowdoin College and The Alpha Delta Phi Association dated February 16, 2000.

Moved by David Works, seconded by Patricia Triplett.

Ben Lund asked if this would be enough money to fund social activities and the Association's insurance. Paul said that he believed it would, but that there may be other expenses that we need to absorb.

Motion was approved unanimously.

A motion was offered:

VOTED: That Nessa Burns Reifsnyder, Thomas Clark, Jeff Zeman, and David Howe, be elected as members and Craig Cheslog and Kevin Cassidy be elected as alternates to the committee that will administer the Alpha Delta Phi Society Literary Fund established by Paragraph 3 (c)(i) of the Purchase Agreement between Bowdoin College and The Alpha Delta Phi Association dated Febrary 16, 2000.

Motion by Mert Henry, second by Michael Cadette. Motion passed unanimously.


Before the election, Nessa recognized Mert Henry for his 50 years of service to the Alpha Delta Phi. She noted how his efforts were vital to the successful conclusion to the negotiations and his counsel has been sought by generations of house leaders.

The nominations committee presented the following slate of officers for the membership's consideration:

President: Nessa Burns Reifsnyder Vice President: Jeff Zeman
Secretary: Craig Cheslog
Treasurer: Paul Faulstich

Barbara Armstrong
Craig Cheney
Steve Frost
David Howe
Matt Schechter
David Sheff
Mark Waltz
Brett Zalkan

Mert Henry moved the slate of nominations, Mark Waltz seconded.

Unanimously approved.


A motion was offered to ratify the actions of officers and directors during the previous year.

The motion was made by Greg Merklin, Jay Pease seconded it.

Unanimously approved.

Mr. Henry rose and thanked President Burns Reifsnyder for all of her work as president and on the negotiations committee.

Mr. Henry offered a motion to recognize President Burns Reifsnyder for her efforts and to note the Association's appreciation of her leadership. The motion was seconded by Matt Schechter and was unanimously approved.

A motion to adjourn was made by David Works, second by Mark Derby.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:18 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Craig Cheslog, BDN '93