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Minutes of the Meeting
Of the Alpha Delta Phi Association
Bowdoin Chapter of the Alpha Delta Phi Society

Saturday, June 2, 2001
Chapter House
228 Maine Street
Brunswick, ME 04011

Association President Nessa Burns Reifsnyder called the meeting to order at 9:38 a.m. She offered some welcoming remarks and reviewed the agenda for the meeting.


David Sheff moved to accept the minutes, Jeff Zeman seconded. Motion approved unanimously.


President Burns Reifsnyder offered a President's report. She reviewed the Board's activities of the previous year, including the establishment of the social fund and the transfer of funds to the Alpha Delta Phi Foundation.

President Burns Reifsnyder explained that Bowdoin has been cooperative in making the arrangements for the weekend. There are only four Greek organizations meeting during Reunion, and she noted that we had put in the most work of any of the organizations and we have experienced high visibility as a result. She did remind people that we needed to keep in mind that the College now owns the house and we have to be careful and diligent through the weekend.

She noted that the previous evening's social activities were very successful, including representation from members of the Class of 42 to the present. Tonight's events are expected to be even more impressive. She reminded the membership of the five-year attendance clause within our Chapter House sales agreement, and therefore how important it was for us to continue to meet in large numbers.

She then reported on the progress of the ADP Society Literary Fund, and reviewed a certificate Bowdoin provided upon the establishment of the Fund within the College's endowment. She explained that this endowment will allow us to continue, and perhaps expand, our literary efforts on campus. The first action of this committee was to name the recipient of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Cup: Deborah Whistle '03. She thanked the members of the committee for their work and explained that the committee was planning to meet at 1:30 p.m. today to plan its agenda for the year. Among the items to discuss: A suggestion to publish a journal of the one-act play winners and reestablishing the Stanwood Literary Competition.

Matt Schechter will chair an effort to revise the organization's by-laws over the coming year. That group will start meeting by e-mail. The goal is to make the by-laws consistent with our current organizational setup.


Paul Faulstich offered the treasurer's report. The bottom line was that the organization voted to establish a $55,000 social fund with its share of the proceeds from the sale of the house. The current balance is $55,214. We have not yet decided how to take the bulk of that money and invest it for the long-term, but we did temporarily put much of it into the a certificate of deposit so it would make a minimum amount of interest as the Board works to make a final decision sometime this year.

Faulstich also reported that he had sent an $80,900 check to the ADP Foundation to establish the Bowdoin Chapter Fund of the Alpha Delta Phi Foundation.


Craig Cheslog reported on the Alpha Delta Phi Society's activities. He relayed the best wishes of the Board of Governors. He urged all Bowdoin members to remain active within the Society. Cheslog mentioned the upcoming Fifth Society Convention to be held at the Middlebury Chapter, and noted that we were still an active delegation with voting rights.

A motion was made to give President Burns Reifsnyder authority to appoint the Bowdoin Association's delegate and alternate delegate to the Society's Fifth convention. Motion was made by Steve Frost, seconded by David Howe. Motion passed unanimously.


President Burns Reifsnyder explained that it was important for the Annual Meeting to discuss the social direction of the organization. In discussing the potential investment strategies for the social fund, the Chapter's Board realized that we needed a sense of the annual meeting's thoughts on what the priorities should be for that fund.

She explained that the Board provided subsidy funding for the reunion registration fee. The cost would have been $68, but we subsidized it down to $33. The Board felt empowered to do this based on last year's Annual Meeting resolution, noting that it was crucial to help ensure the success of this first reunion weekend.

Treasurer Paul Faulstich reported on the budget implications of our social fund and the amount of money it needs to generate. Kevin Cassidy asked whether we could pay the full amount instead of the subsidized amount for the year.

She asked the annual meeting for their priorities.

David Sheff noted that the reunion weekend was our primary activity at this point and believed the fund should subsidize the weekend. Jeff Zeman urged those members who have the means to afford coming without the subsidy to give the social fund a check to cover it.

Pam Smith Lenox asked whether the registration form in the future can include two different fees on it, the subsidized fee and the unsubsidized fee, so people could choose which to pay. Craig Cheslog wondered about Bowdoin's ability to handle that kind of complex registration situation. Smith Lenox then asked if this note could just be on the form. This meeting agreed that this was a good idea.

President Burns Reifsnyder noted that Bowdoin has been flexible as we made the arrangements for this Reunion weekend. She agreed that these "growing pains" were a concern, but emphasized that she felt Bowdoin is willing to be flexible because they want to use us as a Reunion template for other organizations and they are willing to hear our feedback.

President Burns Reifsnyder then brought up that the Annual Meeting needs to decide whether to continue initiations, and if they are to continue, decide on procedures for how to organize them in the future. She explained that there will be a ceremony at 4:00 this afternoon.

Patricia Triplett noted that one of the results of the dinners, meetings, and vents the undergraduates hosted in 2000 was that there were quite a few people who were interested in joining us after they graduated. She urged the group to keep the initiation option open in the future.

Jeff Zeman remarked that while he was comfortable with that for the next few years (those who were involved with the AD experience while our undergraduates were there), he was concerned about relying on people we don't know in the future, and that people may not get the required knowledge of our history and traditions. He asked about the Society's perspective on this question. Craig Cheslog explained that the Society should be fine with the idea as long as we have standards and procedures.

Steve Frost said we did not have to worry so much because the $200 initiation fee has to be paid prior to initiation, which will act as a filter.

Doug Kirshen said that he thought there was a consensus to initiate this year's group, but then we will have to feel our way through and be flexible as we move into the future.

President Burns Reifsnyder said that she felt there needed to be a committee to organize this.

Patricia Triplett mentioned that other chapters may be willing to help with pledge education the week following their graduation.

Craig Cheslog emphasized that all activities have to happen after graduation…nothing can be organized beforehand.

Matt Schechter expressed his concern about where we were going to be in the future, and wondered how easy it is going to be to identify people in the future.

Thom Clark noted that there will be an Alpha Delt presence on the campus in the future thanks to the FDR Cup, Literary Competition, etc.

President Burns Reifsnyder noted that this committee was going to be vital and that we needed it to define boundaries. Mark Derby asked if that committee could be charged with presenting an interim report after six months and a final report at next year's annual meeting.

A committee was nominated. It will include Patricia Triplett, Thom Clark, Ching-Ping Lin, Kim Schneider, Scott Logan, Greg Merklin, and Craig Cheslog on committee.

A motion was made to establish the committee was David Howe. Mike Cadette seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


President Burns Reifsnyder reported that the Board has been talking about its size and explained that it was one of the reasons why revising the by-laws was so important. She explained that the Board wanted to make sure we had a good representation from all class eras.

The Board of Directors nominees included:

President: Nessa Burns Reifsnyder
Vice President: Jeff Zeman
Secretary: Craig Cheslog
Treasurer: Paul Faulstich

Directors Barbara Armstrong
Craig Cheney
Thom Clark
Genie Coltart
Steve Frost
David Howe
Ching-Ping Lin
Matt Schechter
David Sheff
Mark Waltz
Brett Zalkan

Mike Cadette moved the slate of nominations, Matt Schechter seconded. Motion was approved with Paul Faulstich dissenting.


A motion was offered to ratify the actions of officers and directors during the previous year.

Patricia Triplett made the motion, Mark Derby seconded. Motion approved unanimously.

President Burns Reifsnyder then reviewed the schedule for the rest of the day.

Doug Kirshen moved we adjourn, Thom Clark seconded. The meeting adjourned at 10:46 a.m.

Respecfully submitted,

Craig Cheslog