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Minutes of the Meeting
Of the Alpha Delta Phi Association
Bowdoin Chapter of the Alpha Delta Phi Society

Saturday, June 1, 2002
John Brown Russwurm House
Bowdoin College
Brunswick, Maine

Please note: this is a draft of the minutes from the annual meeting. A vote to approve them will be a part of the agenda of the May 30, 2003, annual meeting. If you would like to comment on this draft, please e-mail craig(at)

Association President Nessa Burns Reifsnyder '86 called the meeting to order at 9:14 a.m. She offered some welcoming remarks and reviewed the meeting's agenda.


Secretary Craig Cheslog '93 presented the minutes from the Association's June 2, 2001, Annual Meeting. Patricia Triplett '00 made a motion to approve the minutes as presented. The motion was seconded by David Clodfelter '89 and passed unanimously.


Mr. Cheslog, a member of the Society's Board of Governors, offered an update of the national Society's activities.

He explained that the Society's Board had endorsed a "Statement of Intent" at its meeting following the conclusion of the Middlebury Convention in October 2001. He read the statement and asked for feedback and comments.

The statement says:

"The Alpha Delta Phi Society is a self-governing, coeducational organization dedicated to cultivating character, scholarship, and enduring friendships. Our literary tradition fosters life-long intellectual growth, mentoring, and achievement among our members. Our undergraduate and graduate chapters invite you to learn more about our community."

He emphasized that it not a mission statement, but instead a statement designed to begin describing who we are. He explained that it is intended to serve as the foundation for new Society outreach and expansion efforts. He asked that Association members consider submitting testimonials about their Alpha Delta Phi Society experience for inclusion in these promotional materials.

He then updated the Association on other national issues, including its financial status and the planned October 2003 Convention at the Middletown Chapter.

Jeff Zeman '92 informed the meeting about the situation with the Fraternity's Trinity Chapter. Thomas Clark '99 mentioned that the undergraduates were working on finalizing a new Society Pledge Manual.

Jim Simon '92 mentioned his concern about the Association's archival materials condition and his reservations about proposals to archive them at the Middletown Chapter.

The Association discussed that proposal. Suggestions were made to develop some kind of written agreement and full catalogue of any materials to be archived there. Mr. Zeman asked whether the Middletown Chapter had an appropriate level of insurance.

Motion to Create an Archival Committee

Craig Cheslog '93 made a motion to create an archival material committee to address the issues raised at the meeting about this plan. Jeff Zeman '92 seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously. President Burns Reifsnyder asked for volunteers and appointed Paul Faulstich '91, Thomas Clark '99, Jim Simon '92, and Patricia Triplett '00 to the committee. Triplett agreed to serve as the committee's chairwoman.

Motion to Empower the Archival Committee to Determine Whether to Store the Association's Archival Materials at the Middletown Chapter

A motion was then made by Phil Smith '47 to empower the archival committee to decide whether to move the Association's archival materials to the Middletown Chapter and report back on its decision by the next annual meeting. The motion was seconded by David Clodfelter '89 and approved unanimously.


Treasurer Paul Faulstich '91 reported that in the previous year the Association recorded $788.45 income, $1,926.52 expenses.

He briefly explained the Association's expenses for the previous year. There was a general discussion about the Society fees and why they remained necessary.

Mr. Faulstich noted that the Association needed to place the funds in an investment account. He explained that former Society President Robert McKelvey, MID '54, had offered to have his firm manage the fund as he does the Society's national endowment.

Motion to Establish an Endowment Fund and Create an Investment Committee

After discussion, Patricia Triplett '00 moved that the Association establish an endowment fund and that the Board create an investment committee to oversee it. David Howe '92 seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

The Association then discussed the need for an endowment reliance policy. Such a policy limits the use of the endowment's funds to a predetermined percentage.

Mr. Cheslog explained that the national Society uses a policy that restricts use to 4.5 percent of the endowment's three-year moving average value.

He also suggested that those who had the resources may want to consider paying back the reunion weekend subsidy, or making some other donation, in order to keep the endowment growing. Mr. Zeman suggested that an e-mail reminder about the subsidy be sent to remind people about this option. Derrick Alderman '96 suggested that we periodically post a note asking for donations to our e-mail discussion list.

Motion to Enact a 5 Percent Endowment Reliance Policy

David Clodfelter '89 made a motion to enact a 5 percent endowment reliance policy based on a three-year moving average of the endowment's three-year moving average value. He further moved that only a general meeting of the Association shall have the power to approve exceeding that level. Jim Simon '92 seconded the motion, and it was approved unanimously.

Mr. Simon suggested that the Association may need a development committee. The annual meeting decided to postpone full consideration of this issue until the next annual meeting in June 2003.


President Burns Reifsnyder offered her President's report. She announced that she intends to retire as president as of the next annual meeting. She asked people to consider what might be done in the transition, and to volunteer for leadership positions within the Association.

She reported that she intends to contact Bowdoin College's Richard Mersereau about the literary committee in order to start our planned literary journals, including one devoted to the one-act play winners.

She announced that two members of our Association's Board of Directors were retiring. She thanked Steve Frost '42 and Barbara Armstrong '86 for their commitment and dedication to the Association and thanked them for their service.

She noted that the Association needed to appoint a representative to the Alpha Delta Phi Foundation as Mr. Frost plans to retire from that organization. Mr. Clark was nominated to serve as our representative.

She said that a by-laws committee is active and working on figuring out the best way to update our governing documents. Mr. Zeman suggested that they be kept as general as possible.

She reported that the reunion arrangements with the college went well, and noted that the bulk of the president's job is to manage the relationship with the Bowdoin administration.

Pam Smith Lenox '92 asked about the New Year's Eve gathering. This past year's event was successful. President Burns Reifsnyder promised to get an update on the state of the Chapter House renovations and let people know whether such a gathering will be possible this year.

She then asked whether there were any recent contact with current Howell House members. Ms. Triplett mentioned that she was told that the Howell House members are interested in learning more about us and keeping contact with some of our graduate members.

Mr. Zeman suggested that we should feel free to do what we want, but we should contact the college first and ensure that they are okay with any events. Mr. Cheslog emphasized that we needed to be careful about such contacts because of our need to live within Bowdoin and Society policies.

Kim Schneider '00 discussed some initiation issues, including the status of some outstanding bids and possible future plans. Mr. Clodfelter mentioned that graduates who are interested in joining should be encouraged to come to our parties and gatherings.


President Burns Reifsnyder reported that the Board has been talking about its size and explained that it was one of the reasons why revising the by-laws was so important. She explained that the Board wanted to make sure we had a good representation from all class eras.

The Board of Directors nominees included:

President: Nessa Burns Reifsnyder '86
Vice President: Jeff Zeman '92
Secretary: Craig Cheslog '93 [contact: craig(at)]
Treasurer: Paul Faulstich '91

Craig Cheney '83
Thomas Clark '99
Genie Coltart '99
David Howe '92
Ching-Ping Lin '95
Matt Schechter '91
Kim Schneider '00
David Sheff '84
Pam Smith Lenox '92
Johannes Tromp '63
Mark Waltz '89
Brett Zalkan '87

Motion to Elect the Slate of Officers and Directors

Jim Simon '92 moved that the Association elect the slate of Officers and Directors. David Clodfelter '89 seconded the motion and it was accepted unanimously.


David Clodfelter '89 offered a motion to ratify the actions of officers and directors during the previous year. Jim Simon '92 seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Motion to Adjourn

There being no more business to come before the meeting, Patricia Triplett '00 moved that the meeting adjourn. Kim Schneider '00 seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.

The meeting adjourned at 10:53 a.m.

Respecfully submitted,

Craig Cheslog '93