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Minutes of the Meeting
Of the Alpha Delta Phi Association
Bowdoin Chapter of the Alpha Delta Phi Society

Saturday, May 31, 2003

Please note: this is a draft of the minutes from the annual meeting. A vote to approve them will be a part of the agenda of the June 5, 2004, annual meeting. If you would like to comment on this draft, please e-mail craig(at)

Nessa Burns Reifsnyder called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m.


The minutes of the 2002 Annual Meeting were presented by President Reifsnyder. Tricia Triplett moved to accept the minutes, and Peter Kester seconded. Approved unanimously.


Archival Committee: We will need to move our archival items out of storage and should consider our options in the coming year.

Fundraising: President Reifsnyder initiated a discussion about whether the Association should begin to fundraise for its own needs. Most felt it would be a good idea. One suggestion for Social Fund use was to subsidize Reunion costs for brothers who may have trouble affording the registration fees. Patricia Triplett volunteered to develop an application form for this purpose.

Gatherings: At the 5-year mark, post-sale of the house, it is possible that the College will tally up the Reunion attendance numbers over the past 5 years and make a judgment about whether these gatherings can continue. Therefore, after the 2004 Reunion, such a conversation may occur. Brothers were encouraged to continue attending-the numbers will be key to ensure future gatherings. President Reifsnyder pointed out that New Year's Eve is not being tallied by the College and does not seem to concern them. Many brothers are enjoying this annual event, however. President Reifsnyder said that she would not depart her office until the 5-year mark was reached, for continuity's sake.

Concerns were voiced about the College's Reunion registration methods on campus…some have had difficulty signing in at the Union. Not everyone seems to "know we are here". This seems to be a problem of uninformed staff members, as the College participates in our mailings pre-Reunion and certainly knows of our intent to gather. To raise our profile on campus and draw older brothers back to the house, it was suggested that we host a "campus sing" at the 2004 Reunion. President Reifsnyder said she would explore this idea with the College. Discussion of future Reunion activities was tabled.

Debt to College: A discussion led by Vice-President Jeff Zeman examined the issue of our previous Reunions and fees which we owe the College, but for which we have not been billed. President Reifsnyder said that this was not deliberate on the College's part, just an oversight. She agreed to discuss it again with Kevin Wesley of the Alumni Office.

Involvement of Barry Mills: Barry Browning asked whether anyone on the Board might approach Bowdoin's president and our brother, Barry Mills, to gauge his interest and get a sense of how the College views AD. President Reifsnyder responded that she and the Board mostly deals with intermediaries, like Bill Torrey and Kevin Wesley. It would be wonderful to communicate with President Mills, but at this point it's not politically necessary and could be awkward for him, so we won't do so at present. President Reifsnyder commented that officials from Bowdoin departments (Alumni Office, Dining Service) have seemed greatly pleased that a fraternity survived in some measure after the closings.

Literary activities: President Reifsnyder said that the incoming Vice-President would likely take on duties supporting our literary mission, which includes the use of our endowed fund held by the College.

By-laws Committee: Chaired by Board member Matt Schechter, this committee has been charged with adapting our by-laws for the changing nature of this Corporation. We look forward to hearing about their progress.


Delivered on paper and read aloud to the members in attendance, Treasurer Paul Faulstich reported:

Our current checking account balance is: $2917.31.

The "Alpha Delta Phi Society-Bowdoin Alumni Fund" has been established with an initial balance of $50,000.00. We should tap into no more than 3% of the principal each year, but we can tap into up to 5%.

Treasurer Faulstich suggests that we select 4 people to serve as the Investment Committee. The treasurer should be one member.

We are currently working with the ADP Society to correct our IRS filing information. We have been filing as a subsidiary of the ADP Fraternity, rather than the Society. The Society is working on identifying itself as an independent organization, of which we will be considered a subsidiary. The IRS has indicated that this is not a concern to them; they have us listed as an independent organization, not a subsidiary organization. We can remain that way or file as a part of the society once it has its situation worked out.

As mentioned in the President's Report, Bowdoin still has not contacted Treasurer Faulstich for Reunion costs for past years.

Anticipated expenses for 2003- 2004:

550 Society Fees
500 Investment Fees
350 Storage Fees
100 Bank Fees
50 Misc (State filing fee, mailing taxes, etc )
??? Previous Reunion costs
Total: 1550

Excluding previous Reunion costs, this is 3.1% of our principal. Treasurer Faulstich said that this is a good position for us. With the nearly $3000 in our checking account and possible donations, he would like for us to try to not touch the Fund unless we must. If we are asked to pay for past reunions this year, we can probably spread the expense over a few years.

Treasurer Faulstich concluded that he is resigning as Treasurer, but he would like to remain a member of the Investment Committee.

VOTED: To establish an Investment Committee of up to 4 persons, of which the Treasurer will be a member, with the responsibility to track and manage the Bowdoin Alpha Delta Phi Alumni Association's finances and investments.

Investment Committee members will be:
Paul Faulstich
Jennifer Clodfelter
Barry Browning

Moved by Patricia Triplett, seconded by David Clodfelter.

Motion was approved unanimously.

VOTED: To establish a Development Committee of up to 6 persons, to:

  • Examine fundraising and consider how much the Bowdoin ADPhi needs to cover costs annually
  • Cover Reunion costs and possible subsidies
  • Develop Reunion events
  • Take further actions as related to the foregoing
  • Take on any future activities the Board or Association deems to be in its jurisdiction

Moved by Jeff Zeman, seconded by David Sheff.

Discussion: The previously tabled discussion of future Reunion plans should be charged to this Development Committee. Jeff Zeman suggested that this Committee should report to the President to have something established for the next Reunion.

VOTE AMENDED to include: This Committee shall report to the President. The President will coordinate its findings with the Board and College to determine further steps, as needed.

Moved by Craig Damon, seconded by David Clodfelter.

Motion was approved unanimously.

VOTED: to appoint J. Scott Logan as Development Committee chair and empower him to fill other slots and report to the President.

Moved by Jeff Zeman, seconded by Jennifer Clodfelter.

Motion was approved unanimously.


Developing new pledge manual: President Reifsnyder said that the ADP Society is now considering a new pledge manual, as developed by the Undergraduate Caucus.

Discussion of Alumni Initiation: Should any Bowdoin alumni be interested in becoming members of ADP under our auspices, they should be directed to Thom Clark.

Foundation Report: Thom Clark reviewed recent activities in the ADP Foundation.

Announcement of Chamberlain dedication: At 1:30 pm this afternoon, the new Joshua Chamberlain statue, right across the street from our chapter house, is to be dedicated. President Reifsnyder asked members to attend and said that a photograph of ADs would be taken by the statue either before or after the ceremony.


Before presenting this year's slate of Officers and Directors, President Reifsnyder took a moment to honor the commitment and dedication of Jeff Zeman, David Howe, and Paul Faulstich, all of whom have decided to retire from the Board after years of service. She said their participation during the closure and sale of our house was exceptional, given the heart-wrenching nature of those negotiations, and greatly appreciated.

Proposed slate of Officers and Directors for 2003-2004:

Officers: President: Nessa Burns Reifsnyder '86
Vice President: Thomas Clark '99
Secretary: Craig Cheslog '93
Treasurer: Jennifer Clodfelter '00

Craig Cheney '83
David Clodfelter '89
Jeannie Coltart '99
Ching-Ping Lin '95
Scott Logan '99
Matt Schechter '91
Kim Schneider '00
David Sheff '84
Pamela Smith Lenox '92
Johannes Tromp '63
Mark Waltz '89
Brett Zalkan '87

Jeff Zeman moved, Patricia Triplett seconded.

Unanimously approved.


David Sheff moved, Patricia Triplett seconded.

Unanimously approved.


David Clodfelter rose and asked that we take a moment to honor the memory of his brother and ours, Jonathan Clodfelter.

Literary competition and fund: In the year ahead, we are hoping to resurrect the Geoffrey Stanwood Literary Competition and journal, with a possible increase in the awards we are offering. This will be drawn from the Alpha Delta Phi Literary Fund, an endowment held by Bowdoin College. It was noted that gifts to Bowdoin College can be designated for this Fund specifically.

Motion to adjourn by Peter Kester, seconded by David Clodfelter.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:24 a.m.

Recorded and faithfully submitted in brotherhood,
[signed] Thomas M. Clark '99, May 31, 2003